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January 2022 JWF Conference

Posted on : March 8, 2022

The 2022 AFTE Christmas Conference was held at The Woodlands Methodist Church in The Woodlands Texas January 13-15, 2022. Both in person and live streaming options were provided for attendees and the conference was well attended.

Fellows remarked on their gratitude for the opportunity to gather as a group remarking that the conference was well run and stimulating. As one Fellow said,” It is always inspiring to be part of a group that loves God so much, is invested in the world around, and takes intellectual challenges seriously. The culture reminds me of who I am and gives me energy to keep going.”

Speakers included Dr. Shirley Mullen, President Emerita, Houghton College, and author of “John Wesley, Piety, and Higher Education” and Dr. J. Warren Smith who spoke on lessons from history for the Church. Participants in The Dialogue on Race and Faith Project also held a plenary session and the conference’s closing plenary was a discussion on “The Future of Evangelicalism” with special guests Dr. Timothy Dalrymple, CEO of Christianity Today and Dr. Russell Moore, Center for Public Theology at Christianity Today.

The Fellows were blessed by spoken word poetry presented by Lo Alaman who is a spoken word poet, writer, preacher, and all-around faithful man of God. Lo shared the Gospel of Jesus through poetry throughout the conference. Fellows also attended breakout sessions where they discussed key topics around Biblical studies and theology, history and social sciences and practical theology and evangelism.

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