Loving Enemies in and outside the Church

Posted on : June 27, 2016

At a recent conference on “love” a presenter was defending Christian nonviolence based on Jesus’s teaching to love one’s enemies. An African theologian stood up, expressed his strong sympathy for the presenter but then posed… Continue Reading

Leaders in the Bible (Who Happen to Be Women) (2)

Posted on : June 20, 2016

When we think of leaders in the Bible, names like Abraham, Moses, David, Peter, and Paul jump easily to mind — and rightly so, for these men played key roles in the drama of Scripture.… Continue Reading

Learning to Live as God’s Missional People: Missional Insights from Israel’s Story (Genesis–Nehemiah)

Posted on : June 13, 2016

Many readers of the Bible struggle with integrating the OT into their understanding of the Christian life and mission. Yet Israel’s Scriptures are ripe with insight for understanding God’s mission and role of God’s people… Continue Reading
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March 13, 2023

For some preachers and congregations, storytelling is the essence of preaching. A good preacher is a good storyteller, first and foremost, and if in fact there is more to good preaching …

March 8, 2023

The place to acquire a reputable knowledge and collection of works in Christian Ethics should not begin with Christian Ethics. Background work should be done first. As a relatively recent academic …

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December 16, 2022

AFTE is now accepting scholarship applications for 2023. Applications and required supporting materials are due in the AFTE office no …

July 1, 2022

A Foundation for Theological Education (AFTE) John Wesley Fellowships have been awarded to six doctoral students. The John Wesley Fellows …